Meet Chef K.


The Philosophy Behind Chef K Gear

On July 22nd, 2023, Chef K shared her experience that originally inspired the Chef K Gear brand:
“I visited Ireland 20 years ago. In order to buy meat, I had to go to the butcher shop and buy it from a 4th generation butcher… It stirred something significant inside of me that I have never forgotten. When I buy something, I want to know who made it or grew it, and who is earning the dollars I’m spending.”
This is a motto that we’ve kept ever since. All those who cut, sew, and adorn our gear are people we know individually. Your family, small business, and personal story are more important to us than anything else.

Crafting Excellence in Workwear

Revolutionizing Restaurant Workwear

Stuffy and hot uniforms, tangly apron ties, and three-piece workwear have unfortunately been the norm within the culinary industry. Restaurant uniforms and workwear have needed an update for a long time. Luckily, Chef K Gear has the innovative designs that the industry has been desperately needing.

The Foundation and Stance of Chef K Gear

Chef K Gear has a firm commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and integrity while working with small businesses here in the US. Together, we provide unmatched product quality for all of our Chef K Gear products.

Proudly Made in the USA

We believe wholeheartedly that products should be made humanely and with guaranteed quality, style, and durability. This is why we are committed to producing all garments in the USA and not outsourcing for cheaper labor. Profit will never be more important to us than the people.

Faces Behind Chef K Gear

Kristin Reichert- The Visionary

Shortly after graduating from culinary school, Chef K began her illustrious career as an Executive Chef at Bookwalter Winery in Richland, WA. It was during this period that she clinched victory in the Riviana Food’s “What’s in Your Wok?” Fried Rice Competition.

Driven by an insatiable love for learning and a deep passion for the culinary arts, Chef K soon transitioned from being a renowned Executive Chef to an influential educator. She designed an advanced High School Culinary Arts Program that gained spotlight in a newspaper article titled, “Taught from Scratch”. This piece beautifully encapsulated Chef K’s seamless journey from the bustling kitchens to the classroom, highlighting her fervor for both food and teaching. Under her guidance, student teams flourished, clinching medals on both state and national platforms. Her dedication to the craft inspired many of her proteges to delve deeper into the restaurant industry.

A crowning achievement of her teaching career came when she won a monumental $100,000 grant from the Farmers Insurance “Thank America’s Teachers Dream Big Challenge”. She masterfully guided her students in utilizing this grant, resulting in the creation of a state-of-the-art Food Truck. This magnificent venture still serves her former school district, a testament to her vision and leadership.

Throughout her journey in the culinary world, Chef K often found herself sketching garment designs she envisioned wearing during her workdays. These sketches weren't just idle doodles; they were the seeds that would eventually blossom into Chef K Gear. Chef K poured her extensive industry experience, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail into this premium culinary apparel line. With designs like the innovative Koveralls, Chef K hoped to offer her industry peers garments that perfectly blend comfort, function, style, and affordability — truly reflecting the heart and soul of a chef's needs.

The Team

We are an all-women team of industry professionals, capturing the practicality and creativity of Chef K within our products. Working hand-in-hand with American Culinary+ Workwear, we design and manufacture chef overalls and other industry-changing garments.

The Chef K Gear Collection

Each Chef K Gear workwear product is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary piece. From aprons, coats, overalls, and jumpsuits, our garments are designed specifically with your needs in mind. We replaced the complicated, multiple-piece standard workwear with the Koveralls. These chef overalls are a one-piece article with shorter sleeves, big pockets, and convenient towel loops. Not only that, Chef K Gear has also created the Kool Coat Hybrid, which has vented panels right where you need them. Each of our aprons is made with durable, washable materials that prepare you for anything going on in the kitchen. All of our garments come with snaps, so there’s no need to fuss over apron strings anymore. Prepare to elevate your kitchen staff with the style, function, and practicality of Chef K Gear.

Join the Chef K Gear Movement

Brand Ambassadors and Partnerships

Artisans are now embracing the revolutionary chef workwear. Chef Edward Lee rocks one of his very own Kool Coat Hybrids in his interview with WLKY before cooking for the White House. Check out some of our other brand ambassadors as well! We are also honored to be partnering with the LEE Initiative Women Culinary and Spirits Program.

Level-Up your Brand with Chef K Gear

Embrace the majesty of our chef overalls and elevate your staff today! Special perks and offers apply for placing bulk orders.

Connect With Us

Update your chef workwear with Chef K Gear. Contact Kristin Reichert and Ravid Levy at Chef K Gear to get started.


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